Message from SLO’s Chairman, Mr Toh Weng Cheong.

Singapore Lyric Opera is deeply grieved by the passing of Mr S R Nathan on Monday night. He was our Patron-in-Chief and our most ardent supporter. Whenever I spoke with him on the SLO matters, he would ask: Do you need any help from me? We always do, but I hesitate to take too much advantage of his goodwill. So we confine ourselves to one fundraising event annually – the SLO Opera Ball.

Besides fundraising, he shows his encouragement by attending our performances whenever his schedule permitted. Back-stage and green room encounters with Mr Nathan had always been highly anticipated by the cast and crew. He made each of them feel special.

On behalf of the Patron, the Directors and Management of SLO, I place on record our appreciation for the contributions made by Mr Nathan to the development and advancement of SLO.

Our sympathies and condolences go to Mrs Nathan in her loss of a wonderful and loving husband and companion.

Mr Nathan, we bid you farewell with love and affection. You will be in our hearts and mind forever.

Toh Weng Cheong
Singapore Lyric Opera